McGeorgia  /  Canton Road McDonald's

Our current and past workforce includes:

Stay at home Moms

Older workers re-entering the workplace

People looking for a second source of income

Unemployed professionals seeking a career change

Graduates with Hotel/Restaurant Management degrees

Graduates with other degrees


Resident Aliens with work authorizations

Permanent Resident Aliens seeking citizenship

Children of previous workers

Defectors from other restaurant chains desiring to get on the winning team

Many, many others...



The Future?

Perhaps you!?  


We are currently seeking experienced restaurant management personnel. Experience is not necessary but is desirable. References should be complete. Please apply online. 




McDonald's USA is the largest buyer of apples in the country according to the US Apple Association.

Canton Road McDonald's

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 3010 Canton Rd.
Marietta GA 30066

Phone: 770-428-1982
Manager: Mrs.Christmas
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